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Articles on Borrower and Project Spotlights

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Project Spotlight: 2951 Westminster Circle

By | on 10, Jun 2019 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

As a lender to real estate developers across the country, we are privileged to work with talented people who are completing truly spectacular real estate projects each day. While you may see these pro[...]

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Project Spotlight: The Banana Inn

By | on 30, May 2019 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

Since our founding, we’re proud to have successfully funded over 420 real estate projects around the country, with more coming in every month. While each property is stunning in its own right, we espe[...]

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Borrower Spotlight: Eileen O'Neill

By | on 09, May 2019 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

With over 300 active loans currently on our platform, it’s clear that we have some incredible renovation projects happening around the country. While you may have come across these homes on our platfo[...]

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Asset Management Case Study: 2669 Ferris Road

By | on 21, Mar 2019 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses Borrower and Project Spotlights GF 101

As is the case with any investment, there is always a level of assumed risk -- and the real estate projects we help make possible are no exception. At GROUNDFLOOR, the individuals who invest and borro[...]

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Loan Update: 146 Ericson Street Funded

By | on 14, Jan 2015 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

Our partnership with the Atlanta Police Foundation is seeing success. 146 Ericson Street in Atlanta, GA – our loan in support of the APF’s Secure Neighborhood program – has been funded.

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Microlending and the Atlanta Police Foundation

By | on 06, Dec 2014 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

GROUNDFLOOR has begun an exciting partnership with the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) to engage local lenders (like you) to fund renovation of blighted properties for the benefit of deserving Atlanta[...]

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Ask the Borrower: Adam Ailion

By | on 17, Oct 2014 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with one of our borrowers, Adam Ailion, for a question and answer session. It was a great experience and one that I am happy to share with our GROUNDFLOOR co[...]

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Cabbagetown Rehabilitation

By | on 15, Aug 2014 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

In this week's post we are taking a closer look at the Cabbagetown District of Atlanta.  Cabbagetown is located on the east side of Atlanta, boarding the historic Oakwood Cemetery. The neighborhood in[...]

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Visiting 1419 Gus Thornhill Jr. Dr.

By | on 09, Aug 2014 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

The GROUNDFLOOR team recently went on-site to visit one of our currently funding projects, 1419 Gus Thornhill Junior Drive. It was great to see the property in person, meet with the owner/developer of[...]

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