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May 2020 Diversification Analysis

By | on 28, May 2020 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses

Last August, we published our updated diversification analysis on the range of returns realized in the portfolios of over 6,900 GROUNDFLOOR investors up until that time. We’ve updated and enhanced tha[...]

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GROUNDFLOOR Portfolio Stress Test Analysis

By | on 08, May 2020 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses

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A Note On Recent Improvements to the Investor Experience

By | on 03, Mar 2020 |   GF 101

In the years since our inception in 2013, GROUNDFLOOR has continued to set records on virtually all fronts. From investor growth to loan originations to overall revenue, we have been hard at work impr[...]

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Our Perspective On Weathering Market Volatility

By | on 29, Feb 2020 |   Company News and Updates

It’s been hard to miss the recent news about the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19, and even harder to miss the ripple effects the outbreak has had for the international economy. In the past week a[...]

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My Loan Has Defaulted - Now What?

By | on 21, Feb 2020 |   GF 101

“A loan I invested in went into default. Does this mean I am going to lose my investment?”

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An Analysis of Loan Performance By Grade

By | on 12, Feb 2020 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses

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