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2019 Year in Review

By | on 29, Jan 2020 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses Company News and Updates

Happy New Year (and happy new decade) to you all! All of us at GROUNDFLOOR are excited about our plans for 2020. Before the new year gets too much further underway, though, let’s take a look back at t[...]

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Introducing the Investment Wizard

By | on 22, Jan 2020 |   GF 101

As the prevailing wisdom goes, putting your financial eggs in multiple baskets is a great way to hedge against risk and achieve predictable returns. In fact, according to our analysis, an equal invest[...]

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The GROUNDFLOOR Difference: What Sets Us Apart

By | on 12, Dec 2019 |   GF 101

One of the biggest factors that sets us apart from other real estate investing platforms is that we are the first and only platform qualified by the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to offer [...]

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GUEST POST: 5 Psychological Traps in Real Estate Investing and How to Avoid Them

By | on 05, Dec 2019 |

This article was generously contributed to our blog by Amber Jane.

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On The Ground With GROUNDFLOOR's Lesley Brice

By | on 26, Nov 2019 |   Our Team

Get to know the people behind the platform! Meet Lesley Brice, GROUNDFLOOR’s Lending Operations Manager. We sat down with Lesley to learn more about her role, her background, and her surprising hidden[...]

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Monthly vs. Deferred Loans: What's The Difference?

By | on 21, Nov 2019 |   GF 101

One of the things that makes GROUNDFLOOR unique as a source of funding for real estate projects is the fact that we offer a true deferred payment loan option in addition to the more standard monthly p[...]

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October 2019 Portfolio Analysis

By | on 03, Nov 2019 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses

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Introducing GROUNDFLOOR Self-Directed IRAs

By | on 29, Oct 2019 |   Company News and Updates

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On The Ground With GROUNDFLOOR's Trone Jefferson

By | on 24, Oct 2019 |   Our Team

Get to know the people behind the platform! Meet Trone Jefferson, an Account Executive at GROUNDFLOOR. We sat down with Trone to learn about his background, how he found GROUNDFLOOR, and what his favo[...]

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Borrower Spotlight: John Holmes

By | on 10, Oct 2019 |   Borrower and Project Spotlights

With over 300 active loans currently on our platform, it’s clear that we have some incredible renovation projects happening around the country. While you may have come across these homes on our platfo[...]

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