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A Note For The New Year

By | on 10, Jan 2019 |   From the Founders

Happy New Year to our GROUNDFLOOR family and friends, near and far!

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Giving Thanks

By | on 21, Nov 2018 |   From the Founders

Yesterday morning, I was prompted with a poignant memory. It was five years ago, the notification on my phone reminded me, that GROUNDFLOOR launched our very first project to the public for investing.[...]

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"Why Should VCs Get All The Upside?"

By | on 23, Feb 2018 |   From the Founders

This week we were thrilled to launch our online public offering, welcoming over 800 new shareholders in our company and adding another $2.5 million of capital to fund our ongoing expansion. With the l[...]

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Groundfloor is Going Nationwide

By | on 09, Jan 2018 |

Today we’re pleased to announce that Groundfloor’s product offering has been qualified by the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission under Tier II of Regulation A. This is an important milestone not on[...]

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Robo vs. eREIT vs. Your REIT

By | on 27, Sep 2017 |

As Business Insider reported yesterday, two fellow investing startups recently stepped into the ring to debate the merits of passive and active real estate investing compared to investing in public ma[...]

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Groundfloor Announces $100 Million Partnership with Direct Access Capital

By | on 12, Sep 2017 |

Today we announced an important new partnership with Direct Access Capital (DAC). This is an important development for Groundfloor and real estate investors across the country. Here’s why:

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Announcing IRAs

By | on 16, Jun 2017 |

The past few months have been busy for the team here at Groundfloor. We’ve been focused on improving the investor experience.  And we are pleased to announce the launch of the #1 most-requested produc[...]

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Say Hello to Tax-Advantaged Real Estate Investing

By | on 21, Mar 2017 |

We recently announced the availability of one of our most frequently requested features, the ability to invest in Groundfloor loans via self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (“IRAs”). That’s ex[...]

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A Critical Review of Two Loans for New Construction

By | on 03, Feb 2017 |

Recently, Groundfloor crossed another important milestone, repaying our 100th loan in January. We passed that milestone realizing no loss of principal in three years of lending. In one case of a loan [...]

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New Year Tip #1: Automate Your Funds Transfers

By | on 01, Jan 2017 |

Among the many New Years resolutions people make, resolving to spend less and save more ranks up there with shedding those holiday pounds.  If building your portoflio is on your list, Groundfloor can [...]

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