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Articles on Company News and Updates

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From the Founders: The Risk of Growth vs. Profitability

By | on 06, Jun 2019 |   Company News and Updates

For the past few weeks, the Wall Street and venture capital commentators alike have been atwitter about the highly-anticipated recent IPOs by Uber and Lyft -- and their disappointing performances. The[...]

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Introducing Our New Loan Application

By | on 06, Mar 2019 |   Company News and Updates

We're always looking for ways to better serve our customers. Following recent feedback from real estate investors, we made some tweaks to help streamline and shorten our online loan application. Now, [...]

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Announcing Our 2019 Stock Offering

By | on 19, Feb 2019 |   Company News and Updates

Five years ago this month, we funded our very first loan with 39 investors. We’ve come a long way from that first loan. Over the years, thousands of you have joined in to build GROUNDFLOOR into what i[...]

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2018 Year in Review

By | on 11, Feb 2019 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses Company News and Updates

All of us at GROUNDFLOOR are excited about our plans for 2019. Before the new year gets too much further underway, let’s take a look back at the progress the company made in 2018. From total investmen[...]

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Introducing Our New Investor Referral Program

By | on 31, Jan 2019 |   Company News and Updates GF 101

One of the highest honors any business can achieve is when its customers are eager to spread the word. As GROUNDFLOOR heads into its sixth year, we wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank every[...]

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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

By | on 25, Jan 2019 |   Company News and Updates

Earlier this week, we sent out a communication to all of our investors regarding the effects of the federal government shutdown on our normal operations. Today we are pleased to announce a return to n[...]

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A Note For The New Year

By | on 10, Jan 2019 |   Company News and Updates

Happy New Year to our GROUNDFLOOR family and friends, near and far!

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BRRR Loans: What They Are and How They Can Benefit You

By | on 20, Dec 2018 |   Company News and Updates GF 101

Throughout 2018, many have noticed and commented that the real estate market has been going through some changes. As local markets continue to shift, there is a growing trend for investors to purchase[...]

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What You Need To Know About Our December Special Offer

By | on 17, Dec 2018 |   Company News and Updates

We’re a little more than halfway through with the month of December, which means we’re about halfway through our special December offer for our investors.

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Introducing Our Newest Investor Enhancement: Batch Investing

By | on 12, Dec 2018 |   Company News and Updates

As GROUNDFLOOR moves into its sixth year, we’re continually listening to customer feedback and working to make improvements to help them get the best investment experience possible. For some time now,[...]

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