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Clayton Putala

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An Analysis of Loan Performance By Grade

By | on 12, Feb 2020 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses

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The Effect of Origination Growth on Quality: An Empirical Analysis of Loan Vintages

By | on 31, Jan 2018 |   Facts, Figures, and Analyses

When GROUNDFLOOR was just getting started five years ago, critics and cynics objected with what we nicknamed “the Groucho Marx problem” -- i.e. the idea that no borrower we wanted would ever accept a [...]

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2017 Year-End Diversification Analysis

By | on 06, Jan 2018 |

In July, we published an analysis quantifying the effect diversification had on the range of returns realized in the portfolios of over 2,400 Groundfloor investors up until that time. With 2017 now be[...]

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