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Month 1 Check-In: How's Your Future Looking?

Month one in 2024 is down, and you should be seeing some repayments already coming in. If you haven’t made any, now’s the time to start. 

We’ve talked about investing with Groundfloor through our Auto Investor Account to get financially fit in 2024. Setting up recurring payments, diversifying your portfolio, and monitoring your progress are all key to elevating your earning potential. But did you know there are even more ways you can grow your wealth with Groundfloor? Let’s check them out. 

Investing on Groundfloor

There are a multitude of ways to invest with Groundfloor, which we’ve covered in previous blog posts. Our Limited Resource Obligations (LROs) allow accredited and non-accredited investors to fractionally invest in qualified-for-public-sale real estate assets. Our Auto Investor Account lets you sit back and relax while your funds are distributed and redistributed so you can earn passive income without the hassle and start with just $10. 

Take even more control of your financial future with a Self-Directed IRA through Groundfloor. You can invest a variety of IRAs — traditional, Roth, SEP, Simple, and Rollover — to diversify your retirement savings and better secure your future. Investing in fractional real estate helps you grow those savings with inherently less risk than other investment forms. You’ll also get tax-advantaged returns, a 6-14% expected returns on your investments, and enjoy no IRA fees through June 2024. 

Groundfloor Notes

If you’re looking for high-yield returns with short-term liquidity, look no further. Groundfloor Notes are similar to publicly-issued, non-traded secured debt. They have set date repayment terms and offers 5-10%* interest so you can feel even more confident with a predictable source of income. 

With Notes, you’ll get higher yields than treasury builds and ensure short-term stability and a diversified portfolio. You’ll enjoy the combined benefits of saving and investing in one convenient experience. Each Note offers different rates, term lengths, and minimums so you can choose the ones that best align with your needs and goals. 

Borrowing with Groundfloor

If working on a fix and flip, renovating a property, building new construction, or fixing a property to rent out, consider borrowing with Groundfloor. Our private lending offers short-term loans to borrowers, which means you get faster access to funds, more flexible loan terms, and a simplified application process. Unlike traditional lenders, you can get access to the funds you need in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. 

We also offer full stack financing, which lends you the capital you need for your next project and covers the down payment investment. These loans are structured as junior loans at competitive rates or equity capital, and profits will be shared upon selling the property. 

If you’re interested in borrowing with Groundfloor, you’ve gotten some great advantages:

  • No minimum transactions experience required
  • Five year lookback for experience
  • Minimum property value of $50,000
  • Minimum credit score of 640
  • 12 and 18-month terms
  • No hard credit pulls
  • No payments until repay
  • Origination points financed into the loan

There a multitude of ways you can elevate your earning potential on Groundfloor. Whether you’re looking to diversify your portfolio through fractional real estate investments, want to take on a real estate project, or even both, Groundfloor is your easy path to a consistent stream of passive income.

Constantina Kokenes

Content Marketing Manager

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