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Recurring vs. One-Time Transfers: Exercising Your Options

The key to elevating your earning potential over time is choosing the right investment account, strategy, and transfer type. No matter where you’re investing, recurring transfers are the cornerstone to seeing consistent returns. With Groundfloor’s historic 10% returns, recurring transfers make earning steady passive income easier and better than ever. But first, you have to choose which type of Groundfloor account you want to invest with.

Groundfloor Accounts

Investor Account

You can diversify your portfolio exactly how you want with an Investor Account. There are hundreds of LROs from all across the U.S., and you can set the risk at the level you want. 

All LROs on Groundfloor are backed by collateral. With an Investor Account, you need to invest a minimum of $1,000. These can be evenly distributed in equal increments across various investments or distributed more in some investments over others.

Auto Investor Account

Groundfloor’s newest product, the Auto Investor Account, lets you start your real estate investment journey with just $10. The moment your funds are transferred, Groundfloor automatically invests them across various real estate investments. Then, we assess the most optimal strategy and choose loans* with high contractual return rates. You can then see them in action in the Groundfloor app.

This may sound like a lot, but think of it as your easy button for real estate investing. All you have to do is schedule a transfer, or recurring transfers, and Groundfloor handles the rest. Make sure you have the “automatic investing” toggle enabled, and it ensures your principal investment is automatically reinvested. This is critical to having a well-managed account and steady passive income.  

You can see a much more detailed picture of your portfolio through the portfolio summary, active investments, projection chart, DiversiMeter, and more. You can expect to see repayments by month 1, cash flow by month 3, and steady passive income by month 12.


With Groundfloor, you have two transfer options: one-time and recurring. One-time transfers are a good choice when you want to try out Groundfloor and see how it works. However, in order to see steady passive income, recurring transfers are key. They help your portfolio grow over time through potential compounding returns, make reaching your financial goals even easier, and help reduce the impact of volatility over time (though real estate investing has low volatility already). 

To set a recurring funds transfer, go into the Groundfloor app and hit the “Transfer Funds'' button. Choose “Schedule a recurring transfer”, select from a preselected amount (or enter your own), and pick the day of the month you want it to be transferred. 

Whether you’re using a Groundfloor Investor Account or Auto Investor Account, setting up recurring transfers is crucial to earning a steady stream of passive income. Start your real estate investing journey today and check the Groundfloor blog from time to time to get tips and insights.

*When we use the term “loan”, we are referring to a Limited Resource Obligation (LRO). An LRO is a debt security available on our platform. While the term “loan” is commonly understood, it’s important to note that in our context, it specifically refers to LROs. The full definition of LRO can be found in our offering circular.

Constantina Kokenes

Content Marketing Manager