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Settling in Atlanta

This week we announced our move from Raleigh to Atlanta and along with that, the closing of $1 million in seed funding for our operations. Both developments are good news for our builders and microlenders as we prepare to expand first in Georgia and then nationwide.
Seed funding. Having more capital behind the company enables us to add more loans to choose from, serve more builders and support the continued growth of the GROUNDFLOOR microlending community. There is strength in numbers--of employees, microlenders, and builders. Borrowers and lenders alike will begin to notice improvements starting next week. Let us know what you think anytime at We love passing along your feedback to the team and try to respond to every bit of it we receive.

Atlanta. We first chose Atlanta to pilot the earliest concept for GROUNDFLOOR almost a year ago. The innovative Invest Georgia Exemption brought us here because it allowed us to bring microlending to everyone legally, not just the accredited two percent of investors. Since then, we’ve been impressed by much more. Atlanta is a tremendous center of real estate finance and development expertise. As we prepare for a nationwide expansion and hypergrowth, we need access to more of the very best industry talent to foster the kind of community we already see taking shape. Having our headquarters in Atlanta means you’ll get a better GROUNDFLOOR, sooner.

We’re delighted to share these developments and to move forward into the bright future ahead that we’re co-creating with you, our community. Our first weeks here in Atlanta have been even better than expected. We especially appreciate the warm welcome extended to us by so many people in the thriving startup ecosystem here, and look forward to becoming a contributing part of it.

We would love to welcome you to our growing community of investors. If you're ready to join us or would like to learn more, go here to see a project we are currently funding and one that is coming soon.

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