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By | on 19, Feb 2018 |   Investors GF 101

Welcome to GROUNDFLOOR! Following the announcement of our nationwide qualification and launch last month, we're now starting to let new investors in from our waitlist. Whether you’re a seasoned vetera[...]

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2017 Year in Review

By | on 21, Jan 2018 |

All of us at GROUNDFLOOR are excited about our plans for 2018. Before the new year gets too much further underway, though, let’s take a look back at the progress the company made in 2017. From total i[...]

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Lend Academy Podcast Featuring Brian Dally

By | on 29, Nov 2017 |

Last week Brian Dally, Co-Founder and CEO of GROUNDFLOOR, jumped on the Lend Academy podcast to talk about personal investing and what drives our mission to offer access to non-accredited and accredit[...]

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Announcing Monthly Payment Loans

By | on 14, Oct 2017 |

Today we are excited to announce the introduction of monthly interest payment investments. Starting with our next loan release, you can invest in both deferred payment and monthly payment loans to fur[...]

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We're Listening

By | on 03, Oct 2017 |

GROUNDFLOOR has two customers: Borrowers and Investors. Borrowers come to us looking for money to fund their real estate projects. Investors are looking to earn returns based on those same projects. I[...]

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Hurricane Response

By | on 08, Sep 2017 |

UPDATED: Saturday 12:19 PM ET

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The Benefits of Diversification: An Empirical Analysis

By | on 31, Jul 2017 |

Investors frequently ask what returns can be expected from investing with GROUNDFLOOR. The answer to that largely depends on the allocation decisions investors make. For example, we’ve noticed that so[...]

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