On The Ground With GROUNDFLOOR's Jeanine O'Keefe

Get to know the people behind the platform! Meet Jeanine O’Keefe, GROUNDFLOOR’s rockstar senior loan closer. We sat down with her to get the scoop on how she ended up at GROUNDFLOOR and the life lesson she swears by.

Q: What do you do at GROUNDFLOOR? Jeanine O'Keefe

I am a Senior Closer here at GROUNDFLOOR -- but that isn’t because I’m old! Perhaps a better name is “Closing Queen!” I take over the loan process once a given loan has been approved and underwritten by our team, and is ready for closing. Once the loan has been successfully closed, we can begin the process of qualifying it to offer it up for investing on our platform.

Q: Where are you from?

I’m from Chicago - I love my Chicago!

Q: How did you end up at GROUNDFLOOR?

I was recruited by a headhunter on LinkedIn. It was kind of a shock -- I’d always worked at title companies before so I was surprised that someone was reaching out to me to fill a position on the lending side of things. I feel bad to admit this, but I actually blew off the poor girl for two weeks before she finally wore me down.

The opportunity ended up being super serendipitous as I had just taken a year off of work to travel. I’d figured I would need to get a job soon, so I decided to come in for an interview after being contacted by the recruiter. The rest, as they say, is history. I love this company and I can’t believe how much I fit in here.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part of working at GROUNDFLOOR is the opportunity to work for a startup. It’s a new adventure for me, as I’d previously worked for larger companies. Working for GROUNDFLOOR is new, exciting, and fun! I also have to give a shoutout to my amazing coworkers as well -- there really are great people here.

Q: What is your favorite midday pick-me-up?

I have to have a cup of coffee and then go on a short walk at 3 PM every day.

Q: What is your hidden talent?

I can get anybody to like me! No, seriously: there is something about every person that I am able to relate to, something that will make them go, “She’s my friend now.” I think I get this ability from my mother. She always used to tell me that you should start off assuming everyone in the world likes you until they show you otherwise. So that’s how I operate. I go into every encounter with the assumption that the other person is already a friend. And most of the time, that’s what they become!

Q: What is your favorite item on your desk?

The picture of me with my grandchildren - we have three boys and three girls!

Thanks so much, Jeanine!

Emily Johnson

Content Manager of GROUNDFLOOR Finance

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