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Celebrating IGE with Secretary of State Brian Kemp

As previously covered in this blog, GROUNDFLOOR has come a long way since moving to Georgia. Our community of lenders has more than tripled in size. We’ve watched that community fund 26 loans to date totaling $1,300,000 - and that number continues to grow. We’ve added new members to our team, welcomed a dozen new borrowers and made many new friends along the way.

This week, we threw a party to celebrate those milestones and were honored to have Secretary of State Brian Kemp join us (photo).

We moved our company to Georgia last fall in large part because of the Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE) championed by Secretary Kemp. During his remarks at the party, he highlighted GROUNDFLOOR as an example of how IGE helps make Georgia a great place to do business, particularly for small businesses and startups. Georgia was one of the first two states to introduce legislation such as IGE--and now over 20 more have followed suit.

Thank you Secretary Kemp and thank you Georgia for leading the way in crowdfinance, and for the warm welcome and continued support.

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