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Share the Wealth: A brief history.

Recently, we’ve encouraged you to “share the wealth” and help grow the GROUNDFLOOR community. Today, we’re offering some insight into where that phrase originated.

Do you remember Huey Long from history class? He is one of the most notable governors of the state of Louisiana. Fiercely devoted to economic parity, he radically changed the tax systems in the state and put the increased revenue to work building bridges and roads, modernizing utilities, tripling the size of Louisiana State University, and more.

Wildly popular, he was elected as Governor in 1928. Not long after in 1930, he was elected to the United States Senate and took Washington by storm with his “Share Our Wealth” movement, also known as “Share the Wealth”. The movement gained momentum after a national radio address by Long in 1934; and even put Long in a great position to run for president in the upcoming 1936 election.

Long was so committed to his “Share the Wealth” movement, that he commissioned Ina Ray Hutton and her all-girl orchestra, The Melodears, to record a song to use while campaigning. The song, “Every Man a King” refers to Long’s campaign slogan alluding to the “Share the Wealth” movement providing income for every man.

In the same spirit, make every man a king and #sharethewealth - the GROUNDFLOOR wealth, that is. Invite your friends to earn an average 12% return by investing through GROUNDFLOOR.

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