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What's with the pie?

The finance industry is ripe for disruption, and the Web has something big in store for the banks. Welcome to Groundfloor. We're glad you're here.

From our very first discussions about starting a company to create a new kind of finance, we agreed on two key principles. First, true revolutions start and succeed with the many. And second, the many deserve equal access to all the good stuff that the status quo reserves for the few.

Your dessert. While it's true that the many don't receive their fair share of the financial pie, the less obvious problem is that we're not actually served the same thing. The wealthier

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and better connected you are, the better you're fed, financially speaking. The few enjoy a pie that's filled with higher returns for less risk, and better opportunities on better terms. It’s one way that the rich get richer.

Why it matters. Now, we have no crust to pick with people getting richer, at least when that same opportunity is available to everyone and mobility prevails. Where wealth concentrates and stagnates, however, so does power.

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That power is currently used by large and unaccountable financial institutions to decide who gets loans, on what terms and what happens (or doesn’t) when borrowers need flexibility. In the age of the Web, where there's more information, flowing more freely than ever before in history, there's a lot less need (or excuse) for that.

A new era of finance. We see a different future, rapidly arriving. Leveraging contributions from a team of visionary finance pioneers, we’ve created a recipe for a new kind of finance that lets us all have our pie, and eat it too. It shifts control from the banks and back to the depositors, doing better by our financial futures in the process. It's our kind of win-win-lose. The rightful owners of capital win. The doers who need the capital win. And the bloated, old, roadblocking intermediary loses.

Your part. As we grow, millions of investors and borrowers will connect through Groundfloor to

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displace the banks in more ways and on a larger scale than anyone can predict today. This future starts here, raising finance to the power of us. We invite you to the conversation -- join us by signing for our private beta, commenting with your thoughts below, tweeting to @groundfloor_us or emailing

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us at

Welcome to Groundfloor. The banks won't like it, but you will.

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