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More Properties, More Opportunities

This week we've rolled out a few new features to lay important parts of the foundation for what you'll be able to do with GROUNDFLOOR in 2014.

  • Developers can now self-publish projects (or concepts for projects) that fit our current funding criteria.
  • Our funding criteria have now expanded to accept projects nationwide.
  • Potential investors can now review our growing list of projects being funded, preparing to be funded or seeking support to enter the funding process.
  • Choosing to follow a project subscribes you to updates as it moves through the fundraising process. Projects that reach follower goals can move forward once the developer is ready.

We launched the nation's first 100% crowdlended real estate financing in late 2013. Over 180 investors in Georgia have pledged more than $129,000 so far to be a part of it. While we're continuing to expand our Georgia offerings, soon we'll be ready to announce our expansion to accept more investors, for more projects, in more states. As we prepare for that, we're eager to hear from you. Use the comments below to ask questions or provide feedback publicly, or write us anytime at


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