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Groundfloor and Hurricane Ian

We are closely following the situation with Hurricane Ian as it makes landfall on the Florida coast. In these scenarios, our highest concern is always the safety and well-being of the residents (including Groundfloor investors and developers) in the path of the storm.

We are in close contact with the Groundfloor real estate developers in the area and have offered any support they may need, including guidance on securing and protecting their properties. Rest assured, Groundfloor properties are protected in events like these as our borrowers are required to have active insurance on their properties, which covers hurricanes and other natural disaster-related events.

Over the next few days, our Asset Management team will be reaching back out to those in the affected areas, assessing any damages to their properties, and ensuring that any changes in property conditions are noted, while filing any claims for damages.

We are thinking of those in the Florida Gulf Coast region and hope those of you in the path of the storm stay safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Investor Services team at support@groundfloor.us.

Clinton Dugan

SR. Organic Growth Manager

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