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"Why Should VCs Get All The Upside?"

By | on 23, Feb 2018 |   From the Founders

This week we were thrilled to launch our online public offering, welcoming over 800 new shareholders in our company and adding another $2.5 million of capital to fund our ongoing expansion. With the l[...]

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Yesterday's SEC Reg A+ Ruling

By | on 26, Mar 2015 |   From the Founders Company Updates

Yesterday was an important day for GROUNDFLOOR, for our growing community of microlenders and for the long-awaited eventuality when the full force of the Internet will be felt in finance.

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Milestones, Progress & What's to Come

By | on 05, Mar 2015 |   From the Founders Company Updates

It was just over one year ago that this community of microlenders started funding our first loan. Back then, we funded one or two small loans at a time. By law, because we offer the opportunity to inv[...]

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Celebrating Two Years

By | on 05, Feb 2015 |   From the Founders Company Updates

The earliest days of a startup are in retrospect ephemeral, but not while one is going through them. Nick and I incorporated Groundfloor two years ago today. That marked the critical crossroads where [...]

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How the Web will transform big finance

By | on 22, Nov 2014 |   From the Founders

“In the past 180 years, the U.S. housing finance system (HFS) has evolved from an informal/communal institutional arrangement to one of the most well-functioning and extensive financial intermediation[...]

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Ten Bucks & The Dawning of a New Age of Housing Finance

By | on 11, Nov 2014 |   Company Updates From the Founders

Today we are introducing a significant GROUNDFLOOR upgrade and dropping our minimum investment to $10. Those changes are closely related to one another, as well as to our mission as a company. In a wo[...]

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Atlanta Update

By | on 04, Oct 2014 |   From the Founders Company Updates

It was six weeks ago that we posted news of our move to Atlanta and closing $1 million in seed financing. Since then, good things have continued to happen for GROUNDFLOOR. Here a few of the highlights[...]

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Complex Simplicity

By | on 19, Sep 2014 |   From the Founders

The team here at GROUNDFLOOR recently engaged in an important debate about complexity vs. simplicity as we prepared for some exciting updates you'll start seeing soon. We want to hear what you think. [...]

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Settling in Atlanta

By | on 23, Aug 2014 |   From the Founders Company Updates

This week we announced our move from Raleigh to Atlanta and along with that, the closing of $1 million in seed funding for our operations. Both developments are good news for our builders and microlen[...]

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Georgia By The Numbers

By | on 25, May 2014 |   From the Founders Company Updates

For many, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer, in attitude if not in seasonal fact. As we look ahead to an exciting summer of expansion for GROUNDFLOOR, we thought this would be a good [...]

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