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Introducing Rollover Notes

Auto-Note-V7Rollover investing has long been requested by Groundfloor users, and after the success of the Auto Investor Account, we’re excited to announce our newest product: Rollover Notes. Now, your money can keep working without needing to login and manually reinvest. 

What Is a Rollover Note?

Much like our Auto Investor Account, a Rollover Note is a new product that offers automatic reinvesting upon repayment.


How Do Rollover Notes Work?

All new Groundfloor Notes (both standard and rollover) are issued on the first of every month. These loans fund through the last day of the month they’re issued, and you can cancel your investments within those 30 days.  

When your Rollover Note is repaid, your investment’s interest will be paid out to your account on the last day of the calendar month. Your principal investment will be automatically rolled over into a newly issued Rollover Note of the same term length. You can stop this automatic rollover by canceling your investment, making this product liquid.

How Do I Invest in Rollover Notes?

Go to your investor dashboard and click on the Notes tab of the investments page, as you would with standard Groundfloor Notes. You’ll then see the different options to choose from with the Notes being labeled as “standard” or “rollover”. All Rollover Notes will have the green "G" icon. 

How Do Rollover Notes Compare to Groundfloor's Other Investment Options?

Rollover Notes have a slightly higher return rate than standard Groundfloor Notes and higher than Money Markets. They’re a great option for short-term investments offering you a set-it-and-forget-it investing experience along with a predictable stream of interest income and the ability to cancel investments within 30 days.


Have Questions or Comments?

Please reach out to customer support at support@groundfloor.us or 404-850-9223, Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm EST.

Constantina Kokenes

Content Marketing Manager