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Visiting 1419 Gus Thornhill Jr. Dr.

The GROUNDFLOOR team recently went on-site to visit one of our currently funding projects, 1419 Gus Thornhill Junior Drive. It was great to see the property in person, meet with the owner/developer of the project Rock Shukoor and take a look around inside.

The home was originally built in 1996 and was recently damaged by fire. Rock purchased the home, which is located in the East Point neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia and has immediate plans to rehabilitate. East Point is an area which is being revitalized and a wonderful community effort is being made to reestablish the area.  The timing for rehabilitation of 1419 Gus Thornhill Junior could not be better for investors looking to get in our 12% interest loan, secured by the property.

For more information on the East Point revitalization effort, please visit their community web site here.

Some of our current and prospective investors on the project have expressed interest in seeing more images of the home.  Please continue on to see our photos of the team, the home and the fire damage.

Thornhill Team
Thornhill Porch 
Thornhill Front 
Thornhill Side 
Thornhill Living 
Thornhill Fireplace 
Thornhill Garage 

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