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Put Your Money Back To Work

GROUNDFLOOR is teeing up to make its first loan repayment to investors in the next few weeks. This is extremely exciting on multiple levels, not the least of which being that we get to demonstrate one of the primary benefits of investing in peer to peer leading --earning money on your money! This milestone presents a unique opportunity to investors to start earning compound interest, also known as “earning interest on your interest.” If you invested in a GROUNDFLOOR loan you are currently earning interest on the principal you invested (also known as simple interest). If you take the money that is repaid and reinvest it in a new loan, you will now be earning interest on the principal and interest.
You may be asking how rolling over a loan is any different than investing in a long term loan. If you break down the numbers it becomes clear that earning compound interest is a more profitable long term investment strategy:

Person A - invests $1000 in a 5 year simple interest loan earning 12% APR

At the end of 5 years he has earned $1600

Person B - invests $1000 in five separate 12-month loans earning 12% APR, rolling each annual repayment into a new 12-month loan

Year 1 - Initial investment amount (principal) =  $1000
End-of-year earnings = $1120

Year 2 - Rollover amount  = $1120
End-of-Year 2 earnings = $1254.40

Year 3 - Rollover amount = $1254.40
End-of-Year 3 earnings = $1404.93

Year 4 - Rollover amount = $1404.93
End-of-Year 4 earnings = $1573.52

Year 5 - Rollover amount = $1573.52
End-of-Year 5 earnings = $1762.34

As you can see, Person B earns an additional $162.34 (this is the interest earned on interest). As it relates to GROUNDFLOOR, beyond making the money go further financially, investing in 5 separate loans also gives the investor the satisfaction of having helped make 5 projects possible, creating a greater impact in the local real estate market.

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