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Big Changes Are On The Way

Last November, almost one year ago, we quietly introduced the very first opportunity for everyone to become a real estate microlender. Since then, we've been listening to lender feedback, making small improvements and testing new ways of making the experience simple, quick and even more financially rewarding.
On November 11,  just 10 days from now, we're planning to unveil a series of more significant changes. Here's a glimpse of what you can look forward to.

For Borrowers

In preparation for our November launch we released a borrower-centric workflow that quickly and seamlessly guides borrowers through the process that submits their loan for funding.

For Lenders

Because of the improvements to the loan submission process there will be many more loans available. Lenders will have even more choice to decide how their money should be put to work.

For Everyone

And there is another HUGE announcement coming.  But I can't reveal that just yet.  Stay tuned!

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