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Groundfloor Named to Forbes Fintech 50 List

Groundfloor is excited to announce that we’ve been recognized on the 2024 Forbes Fintech 50! 

Each year, Forbes gives this prestigious award to 50 companies that are changing how people invest, save, and spend. This year, Groundfloor made the list for our first-to-market alternative investment products, the industry-leading transparency we offer to our investors, and our unique approach to fundraising. 

“We’re excited to be recognized with this distinction,” said co-founder and CEO Brian Dally. “Similar to public market securities over the past 50 years, retail investor adoption of alternative investments, enabled by a new wave of regulatory and technology innovation, is now reshaping portfolios and capital markets for the better. Groundfloor’s product offerings continue to expand in scale and scope to open more opportunities for more investors, more rapidly than ever before.”

Our journey began in 2013, when Dally and his co-founder Nick Bhargava dreamed up the idea of creating a private capital marketplace open to everyone, not just the one percent. Bhargava helped author Title III of the JOBS Act of 2012, designed to allow more small businesses to access capital. The two picked up and moved to Atlanta because of the Invest Georgia Exemption, which liberalized securities regulations conducted within the state. Dally and Bhargava entered unchartered territory, and for the first time ever, Groundfloor packaged real estate debt securities for fractional participation by the general public. The first offering created $2 million in loans in Georgia alone, demonstrating the demand for fractionalized, alternative real estate investing.

With an idea that no company had ever tried before, Groundfloor then became the very first company qualified by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to offer real estate debt investments for both accredited and non-accredited audiences, eventually expanding investment opportunities to all 50 states.

Today, we remain true to our mission of leveling the playing field so everyone can benefit from the unique advantages of fractionalized private market investing. In fact, to this day, anyone can still invest in most of our offerings with as little as $10. Many other companies emerged to mimic what we’ve accomplished, but none have generated consistent, short-term, 10% returns over a 10-year track record.

Last year marked another year of growth and innovation for Groundfloor, despite high interest rates and housing market headwinds. We launched multiple new products, providing investors more options to invest in real estate backed alternatives than ever before. As a result of these product launches — including the Groundfloor 3.0 auto-investing app — we grew year-over-year revenue by 25%. To date, Groundfloor has now surpassed $1.3 billion in retail investment volume and $1.1 billion in investor repayments, underscoring the continued appeal of fractionalized real estate investing.

In further support of our mission, we’re also known for our unique approach to fundraising. Groundfloor has raised more than $34 million in equity funding with the majority being from public stock sales to our own customers. Today, Groundfloor is proudly 31% customer-owned, ensuring we remain focused on delivering value for our 7,100+ shareholders, free from the outside influences that have caused many fintech startups to falter. 

To learn more about Groundfloor and begin investing, visit Groundfloor.com or download the apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Constantina Kokenes

Content Marketing Manager